Buffalo Trails Cub-o-ree

Date: May 2019

Time: 18:00 (Fri.)-14:00 (Sun.)

Location: Eldon and Sara Tanner Youth Camp

More information will be coming as the panning meetings happen.

Please forward to those in the Cub Scout Section and/or Ventures and Rovers for OOS. It is projected camp fees will remain the same at $38/participant.

Our planning meetings scheduled for 2019 are as follows (all meetings will take place at the Adventure Centre basement board room located at 14205 109 Avenue at 19:00 hours):

Coming soon

Many hands make light work..........we will once again ask for assistance in Coordinating Program (Risk Assessments), Parking Patrol, Saturday Supper, Campfire Chief and Scouts Own.

Ray Dunn/Brenda Doroshuk
Co-Camp Chief’s, Cuboree